I have a digital Yahama piano with a MIDI out port. I would like to record a MIDI file by playing the piano, connecting the piano with an Android (or Raspberry Pi) device. Once the MIDI file is made, I can edit it on a more powerful device.

My biggest question is what's the best way to connect the piano? The most simple solution looks like a MIDI tot (micro)USB cable like this one, but these cables get often a bad review.

Anyone has any experience with this?


MIDI-USB adapter cables are indeed the way to go, and I actually own that same exact cable you linked for my home recording setup and it's worked fine for me over the last several years.

One thing to be aware of is that some keyboard models won't output the MIDI if you have other outputs plugged in (like line-out), so if you're not getting the signal as expected on the receiving device try unplugging any other keyboard outputs.

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