I'd like to experiment with a large selection of tunes to see what negative harmony does to them but I don't want to spend time converting them note by note.

Does MuseScore have a plugin to automatically convert a piece to negative harmony?

I see that there is a "Mirror Harmony" plug-in but that appears to be a different thing.

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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but when I get round to releasing my MIDI-based software for converting music to negative harmony, it should be pretty easy to hook it up to MuseScore. I'm leaving this as a comment not an answer because it's not a full solution (yet, anyway). But check out negativeharmony.app for more info. Commented Oct 17, 2019 at 18:34

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It looks like I misjudged the Mirror Intervals MuseScore add-in.

To convert the notes in a melody to negative harmony:

  • Download and install to MuseScore Mirror Intervals addin
  • Select the section of music you want to convert to negative harmony
  • Plugins > Composing Tools > Mirror Intervals
  • Select as your pivot note the note that is a fifth above the root. For example, G is the fifth of the C major scale.
  • Press apply.

If you have lead sheet music with chord symbols, the chord symbols will not be converted automatically, you'll have to do that by hand.

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