I've played trumpet for 3 years, and I'm thinking about picking up a simple woodwind instrument. I think personally, either clarinet or alto sax. But please, based on what I have played, price, and skill, help me find a woodwind! Thanks! :)

  • I had not finished reading your post and already thought the same as you: clarinet or saxophone! – Albrecht Hügli Oct 11 at 20:22
  • Flute: same basic construction as saxophone plus you don't need to be messing around with reeds all the time, plus it's lighter, plus it's smaller. – jjmusicnotes Oct 12 at 2:46

Honestly, the one you like most. They all have up and down sides. Play what you like the sound and personality of the most.


Among woodwinds, clarinet and flute have the most varied repertoire. Much more than oboe, subcontrabassoon, ocarina, etc. Flute embouchure may be more foreign to you than the clarinet's. Also, as a transposing instrument, clarinets are closer to trumpets (B flat is common) than flutes (C, G). So, clarinet.


Yes, clarinet or alto sax are probably the easiest woodwinds. But you'll be playing much the same sort of part you did on trumpet. Flute is portable and will open up new musical horizons. Get good and you'll be in demand too. The world is overflowing with clarinet and sax players.


On any, the embouchure is very different from trumpet, especially flute - which may well be the cheapest option, and smaller easier to carry, etc.

Clarinet in B♭ is a good option - same sort of range as trumpet, and uses same music, as both are transposing instruments, so you can play off your existing dots.

It's also not too different fingering wise from sax and flute, so later you can move across without too much upheaval finding notes.

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