English lyrics can express anything using “common language” (words you hear in everyday conversation) whether it’s love, politics, poverty, violence, or the end of times. English lyrics are direct, explicit and graphic (far from the poetry of shakesphere) yet deep at the same time using imagery, slang, and various flows/melodies. However, Indian songs (even modern ones) are extremely poetic with references to the nature (sun, flowers, moon), dresses (sari, veils, fabric), hearts, the gods/goddesses, etc., their melodies are far more limited and their songs are mainly known for love and heartbreak.

There are new Indians songs such as Modern Punjabi music that uses common language and explore darker themes but the lyrics, flow/melodies don’t seam as well. Music sales in India are mainly cinema but more Indians are listening to English music, more English music is being used in Cinemas, and more English words are used in everyday lyrics. Indian musicians are worried that if they can’t attract Indians their culture will die out.

What is a summary of India’s recent and historic struggle to modernize Indian music up until now? Are any effort being done in the Indian film industry? What examples of songs that explore dark themes in a way similar to English lyrics?

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    This would probably take a book to answer properly. It would be better to narrow it down. – PiedPiper Oct 17 '19 at 9:25
  • @PiedPiper You can give a summary. If not I will award a +100 bounty. Think from experience, listening to various Hindi songs. – Arbuja Oct 17 '19 at 11:07
  • Not sure what you're implying, that India doesn't have modern music? Sure, there's Indian classical music but there's also Ghazals, and not to mention Filmi music(Bollywood music). All these express pretty modern topics.(Note that nowadays music in films isn't the genre of Filmi music -- a lot of musicians use pretty much western music, but its nowhere near being a dying genre, it's alive and flourishing.) – ICanKindOfCode Aug 27 '20 at 14:15

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