This is a manuscript from Mozart.

Can anyone confirm that the sign that's circled is a silence and provide a bit more background about that symbol?

enter image description here

  • Using simple maths it is a rest. Basically, as long as one can determine how long that 1st note is (not easy!) the rest (sic) of that bar is silent. – Tim Oct 17 '19 at 7:37
  • A sign for silence is called a "rest". – PiedPiper Oct 17 '19 at 9:54
  • A relatively easy way to confirm is to look up the "modern" sheet music for the same piece. imslp.org is likely to have several versions available. – Carl Witthoft Oct 17 '19 at 14:57

This is indeed an old sign for a crotchet/quarter rest.

Here for comparison is a bar from Mozart's Fantasia in c minor, K475, published in Vienna by Artaria:

Fantasia in c minor, K475

  • 1
    A quaver rest sign back to front. – Tim Oct 17 '19 at 9:37

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