About two weeks ago I got unexplained pain on my left hand, especially when I try to place hand flat on floor, i.e. for doing push ups.

When I tried practicing Bansuri, the pain intensified. I figured it was due to pressing holes too hard.

And yesterday my right hand fell asleep doing another activity. This morning only my pinky and half my ring ringer is numb.

A very concerned relative said Bansuri doesn't suit me because I am getting these injuries.

This was very upsetting (more upsetting than telling a lady she is fat - trust me on this!)

Please suggest hand and finger exercises to prevent pains from Bansuri, especially as a beginner who is trying to get confident with this beautiful musical instrument.

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    There are many sports and other activities for which some of the best exercises are actually getting on with doing it! Sounds like you are pressing too hard, or the angle of your hand/fingers doesn't suit you. There is generally no one best way to play any instrument - otherwise everyone would do exactly the same - which they don't! Do gentle warm-ups as with any exercise, and concentrate on pressing over the holes only as hard as needed. It's a problem guitarists face - learning that they don't have to strangle their guitar's neck to play effectively. – Tim Oct 24 at 14:49
  • +1 for strangle their guitar's neck – Marium Oct 24 at 16:20
  • If you are getting pain and numbness you should see a doctor! Without a qualified diagnosis it would be impossible to suggest exercises help you. – PiedPiper Oct 24 at 17:40
  • @PiedPiper I meant stretches and exercises to prevent any problems. – Marium Oct 25 at 14:28
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    Do a search on push-ups and hand pain. The probable source is the manner in which the hand is positioned during the exercise resulting in pressure on the carpal nerve complex. Alternatively, many martial arts practitioners perform push-ups on their knuckles. – Francis Phillips Nov 11 at 18:06

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