I've been working on Bach's Sonata #1 for Solo Violin (BWV 1001) and I have concluded that I would benefit from some sort of analysis of the Fugue. In particular, something that shows every point and manner in which the theme occurs, as well as its variations.

As I have listened to numerous recordings of famous violinists playing the Fugue I have noticed that some do an exquisite job of highlighting the theme and voicing the piece. One of the more striking examples occurs near the end where a variation of the theme enters strongly in the bass voice:

Section of BWV 1001 Fuga

If one plays the chords from low-to-high, as is traditional and appropriate through most of the piece, then that voice is lost – in contrast to playing the chords from high-to-low in this one section.

But this is just one small example, spanning barely two measures, in a Fugue that I imagine has been studied and dissected at length. Is there a term for the sort of analysis I am describing? Are there canonical sources for it?

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