I'm wanting to attach a camera to the head of the guitar, then have it sent to my computer whose screen is projected onto a larger screen/monitor. This is to demonstrate finger positions for chords and scales etc for class members. Is this possible?

A GoPro would need a long cable to the computer. Latency might be also a problem. Any suggestions for inexpensive gear?

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    With the camera on the guitar head, looking down the fretboard, you're not going to get a clear image of what's going on. – Tim Oct 27 at 14:03

You may already have a smartphone, even one without any paid connection to phone or internet (perhaps an old, retired one). Put it on a tripod in front of you, camera aimed at the fretboard, landscape not portrait. Ensure that its screen shows what you want. Then transfer that display to your computer and thus to the classroom's projector. This last step has many informal names that change from month to month:

  • mirror my Android screen to my PC
  • project my mobile screen
  • share my phone screen
  • screen mirror my phone
  • cast (i.e., broadcast) my mobile screen

The technical details of how to do this also change from month to month, and thus must be left as an exercise for the reader.

The projector screen should be pretty large, larger than the real-life fretboard, unless the camera so close that it sees only a few frets.

  • Thanks for the information and the useful search terms that I can use. – jeff Oct 29 at 0:55

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