Hey so I have a acoustic 12 string and the very first string of the bass line, going down, is broken. The thing is I can't afford a new set and I was wondering if I can use a string from a normal 6 string acoustic. Or if that would hurt the guitar. And if so which string would I use? Thanks

  • I recently got several sets of Martin strings for a 12 string on Amazon for about $3.99 a set. That may have been a deal and don't know if Martins are great quality strings but very affordable. Also, you should be able to buy individual strings.
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    Commented Oct 29, 2019 at 12:00

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More than likely, that very lowest string on the guitar is the same gauge as the bottom E on a standard acoustic guitar. Its gauge will be around .044-.046" ish. So, yes, by all means get just a bottom string.

If it's the octave of that E - the thinner of the two bottom strings, again, yes. But here you'll need to use a D string - which will have a gauge of around .022-.028".

Best bet would be to take the broken string along to the shop with you - they should have a gauge to check the string thickness, or just by looking, get a good match. It's always a good thing to have a spare set of strings with the guitar, rather than waiting till you need a string or two.Sooner or later they're going to need changing, so if they're already there, you can carry on playing sooner!


Benjamin, they cannot be very far apart. Not enough to matter, so just try it.

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