Okay, that's a mouthful.

My questions stems from my initial quest to make a suitcase/cajon bass drum/tambourine combo that can be played with foot pedals while simultaneously playing an amplified acoustic guitar.

This is a common idea - see it well implemented here: [

Before I got too deep into designing the thing, I realised I could grab the hi-hat pedal and kick drum from my electric drum kit.

Much more compact, no need to isolate the tambourine from the bass drum, and I can program and adjust any number of sounds I want using the drum module!

The problem... when performing I would have to carry around the rather large drum module, and have access to a power source.

I'd rather have a scaleable setup - a guitar amp and drum module that can either run on mains power or battery power.

So my challenge became kind of small, just find a tiny device that can take the MIDI input from two foot pedals, and ideally be programmable with maybe 5 different percussive sounds.

Every path I've followed seems to be overkill, people suggesting MPCs and KP3s.

I want to spend < $100.

Here's a thread with some good ideas: Cheap way to make sound from a MIDI keyboard, without PC

It seems all the suggestions are how to play piano samples on a MIDI keyboard, and not drum sounds.

Surely there's a simple way to do this very cheaply?

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    MIDI Channel 10 usually produces drum sounds instead of notes. – luser droog Nov 6 '19 at 1:52
  • @luser-droog thanks for the reply. TBH I don't know much about MIDI or synthesisers, but are you saying that the solutions in the thread I linked could work just as well for me? – Lev P Nov 6 '19 at 2:14
  • Yes, I think so. For more info, see wikipedia on the General Midi standard. – luser droog Nov 6 '19 at 2:26

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