I am about to move from a hot, dry climate (Johannesburg) to a very humid, cool climate (Overberg, South Africa). Is there anything I can do to protect my violins from the impact of the climate change?

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The only problem would seem to be the minor swelling of the wood from the additional humidity. The following precautions would be appropriate:

  1. de–tune each instrument by turning the tuning pegs out 1 full turn. Loosen the tension on the bows similarly.
  2. wrap each instrument in a baby blanket
  3. upon introducing the instruments to their new environment open the cases and wait 24 hours before re–tuning the instruments and playing them.

Consult a luthier for additional advice.

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    And in the long term the instruments will be much happier in a humid cool climate.
    – PiedPiper
    Commented Nov 10, 2019 at 19:05
  • I agree. I would be much more concerned if the change was the other way around! Commented Nov 10, 2019 at 19:12

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