Is there a way/command-line option, to make LilyPond only compile the \midi {} output, even though there is a \layout {} block in the source.ly file?

Just been going through The Command Line Options in the Documentary and the only thing I can find for "midi" is the option to change the output file extension with:

midi-extension  "midi"  Set the default file extension for MIDI output file to given string.

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You can add -dbackend null to your command, which will suppress the output of a printed score. Alternatively, you can use -dno-print-pages. A midi file will still be generated, as long as a \midi{} block is defined in your score.

So, you command should look like this:

lilypond -dbackend=null my_file.ly

Or like this:

lilypond -dno-print-pages my_file.ly

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