I have a piece of music that I'd like to find the title of but I only have a midi transcription. Shazam or something like it won't work because it's some sort of classical(? I really have no idea) piece. The music doesn't have a composer or title on it. There's a chance that it's an original piece. I have a feeling that it's from a book like Arban because of its length. I've already tried reverse image search.Music in question

  • Hi Cal. Nice tune. It's not in Arban I'm afraid. No other clues? Has it got a piano accompaniment? – Old Brixtonian Jan 2 at 2:27
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This an exercise named DU STYLE which is No. 2 from Trente Six Études Transcendantes pour Trompette by Theo Charlier published by Alphonse Leduc.

Lucienne Renaudin Vary performing DU STYLE

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