Is there a name for the rock drum pattern that repeats 4-beat measures of bass - bass - snare - bass?

Examples: Next to You (The Police), Pain Killer (Judas Priest), Tyson vs Douglas (The Killers)

I know some basic patterns have common names, or share the name of a genre, or are named after a song that popularized it -- if there's a common name for this one, I've forgotten it.

  • Firstly, it's super difficult to answer your question if you do not reference the actual time signature and what is going on with the hi-hat. Secondly, none of the beats that you reference in your examples conform to the pattern that you are asking about... Finally, it would be best to post some notation for analysis. Also, simply searching online for 'drum beat names' turns up a lot of results with audio examples. – Tim Burnett - Bassist 2 days ago

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