I just started using soundcloud, uploaded 2 songs and already I've got 5 likes, but when I go check who liked my music it's always an annoying spammer; They send you a message like this one:

"Good dаy. Whats nеw I will glаdlу shоw уоur trасk Maybe Another Day tо my SС acсоunts wіth thоusаnds fаns аnd fоllоwеrs. N you'll grоwth the сoveragе оf yоur lіstеnеrs tо: -> 205 new fаns, 3000 lіstеnеrs, 317 or evеn mоre vіral shаrіng аnd lіkеs, а hаlf-minute vidеo аbout your SC-аccоunt fоr yа. All the dеtaіls - fоllow the lіnk іn mу profіlе рhоto"

The profile photo is a link to fiverr and really is annoying, Is there anyway to stop this?

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    This question is off topic here - if you have an issue with a website or supplier you probably need to take it up with them. Sorry. – Doktor Mayhem Jan 13 at 13:30

Yes, you get that on Soundcloud. I reported and/or blocked some of them, and for some reason have been left alone since then. Use the Block and Report buttons.

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