So because I looked at the sheet music I assume the home key is either F or D minor. I understand the basics of using Roman numerals I'm just not sure if D minor should be i or F should be I. It seems like the tonal center is changing to C in the chorus.

Also I found it interesting that the dramatic chord in the chorus is said to be a B flat minor in the David Bowie version and a D flat major in the Nirvana version.

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    I remember watching an Adam Neely video where he quoted a book about harmonic analysis of modern pop /country / rock songs, where the idea is that there's no definitive key, there's some ambiguity (and / or constant modulation) between the relative minor and relative major. I don't remember which video was it, or the book's author, maybe someone else can chime in? Edit: It's this video youtube.com/watch?v=DVPq_-oJV5U – Von Huffman Jan 18 at 2:05

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