I have 2 keyboards that I want to connect to a powered mixer Work Kronus PRO 6500. The mixer has 6 mono inputs and 2 stereo RCA.

First keyboard is a Korg that has 2 outputs L (mono) and R. This one I'm connecting to the mixer with a mono cable 6.3 jack cable and everything works OK.

The second keyboard is a Yamaha PSR-550, this one has only one output (stereo I'm guessing). The problem is that when I'm connecting with the same cable no sound comes out from the speakers. This is what I don't understand. Shouldn't some sound still come out?

How can I make this setup work? Can I get a stereo cable with a splitter to 2 mono jack and insert in 2 inputs of the mixer? Or should I get a cable 6.3 jack to RCA and use one of the 2 stereo inputs of the mixer?

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