In MuseScore, you change the velocity (volume) of a note by right-clicking it, selecting note properties and changing the velocity. I want to make the velocity type on all of the notes auto (somehow, I don't know how, they're all set to user at 110 velocity). I could manually go through each note and reset the velocity to auto. However, with five staves and 100+ measures, it's not really practical to change each note to auto one by one. Even if I selected multiple notes at a time, it would still be tedious and time consuming.

Is there any practical way to change all of the notes in a score to auto velocity?

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    Sorry I'm not answering your question but you can find all the help on the MuseScore forum at musescore.org/en/forum Repost your question there and you'll find that the MuseScore community is very friendly and helpful. – Thomas Bonte Feb 2 '13 at 16:23

After an hour or so of composing and trying different things, I found my solution:

  1. Right click any note head and click Select > All Similar Elements

  2. Right click any note and select Note Properties...

  3. Set velocity type to auto

  4. Click Ok

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