Like thousands of others, I am migrating my music students to virtual lessons. Some teachers are using overhead camera views of the piano keyboard, but I am considering adding a MIDI piano keyboard visualizer to the process.

I have found this really cool open source Tonnetz online music visualizer, which looks super interesting.

There is also Synesthesia, a commercial offering which is designed for DJ's, but might be able to be harnessed into a keyboard visualizer.

It looks like what I'm seeing is what is referred to as a VMPK or Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard and there is a free desktop application. I can make it respond to my keyboard:

  1. Make sure the my keyboard drivers are installed.
  2. In VMPK's main menu, go: Edit | Connections
  3. In the Connections dialog box, click-check box: Enable MIDI input
  4. Also click-check: Enable MIDI Thru on MIDI Output
  5. In the drop-down box, Input MIDI Connection, choose: my keyboard

There's a fullscreen option. And I can also ZOOM via the system OS.

VMPK Screen Shot

What I'm hoping for input on here are if there are other recommended options.

Thanks much.

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    MuseScore has a nice Piano Keyboard view that shows played notes very clearly, and it works for live MIDI input too. – piiperi Reinstate Monica Mar 20 '20 at 17:51
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    Thanks @piiperiReinstateMonica checking that out now. Open source, too. Looks great. – MikeiLL Mar 20 '20 at 19:18
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    maybe useful for grandchildren and grandfather ;) – Albrecht Hügli Mar 22 '20 at 14:32