Because of COVID-19, I'm giving piano classes via Internet to my students. Problem is:

When my student plays soft passages (in piano or pianissimo), audio either rises in volume or is clipped entirely. And overall the audio compression blocks me from analysing dynamics in my student's playing.

I need a solution (desktop/mobile app/web based/whatever) which doesn't compress the audio, either mine or from my student. It seems all solutions I've tested (below) are optimized only for speech (which is compreensible). I've used to this moment:

  • Google Meet (or Hangouts Meet)
  • Jitsi Meet
  • Zoom

Any ideas?


Have you tried using enabling Zoom's "preserve original sound"? I thought this was exactly what it's supposed to be for.

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You're probably looking at something like VST Connect which comes in Pro & Performer flavours & several platforms, Mac/PC/iOS.
I've never used it myself but I was around at Steinberg when the betas were first being tested & reports were good.

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  • "which comes in Pro & Performer flavours" of Steinberg Cubase, do you mean? Thank you, @Tetsujin. Your solution is a little overhead for me, as I use Reaper in Linux as my DAW, and my student doesn't use any DAW at all, and isn't appealed to technology in general. But thanks anyway! – José de Mattos Neto Mar 28 at 17:46

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