Using musescore as a midi generator and also importing an exported midi file from musescore into to a piano vsti that plays midi files, with a midi file with a dynamic of mf = 80, I used a db meter and a velocity curve meter on the > accent vs the marcato ^ and the > accent goes to 127 with a significant increase in db as well as a perceived volume increase vs marcato which is supposed to be as loud as the > accent in theory but only increases the db by a couple of db and is significantly less than 127 (i think it was about 110) and the perceived volume increase is hardly noticeable. This is really a pain in the ass. the > is too loud and ^ is not loud enough. Can this be fixed with an adjustment to a midi cc # or within musescore other than editing accent values in an mscx file. I noticed that you can't adjust the velocities of accents using the inspector like you can with dynamics and piano editor doesn't show any increase in velocity on accented notes btw even though there is one. Solutions?

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