I recently chatted with a friend about their family's very out-of-tune upright piano and jokingly said that I could take the retuning into my own hands and that I would just need the right tuning equipment. This got me curious: What brand is the piano and what tools would I theoretically need? So I asked them about the brand and got this picture as a response:


This had me confused for a second, as I had never seen one of these locally made pianos before. I researched a bit and found a little bit of information on these two (this one is in Dutch) websites. The first one just states that this is the name of a pianoforte/piano manufacturer and/or dealer and the second one confirms "Chemnitz" as the manufacturing site and that it probably had been destroyed during the war or that the company may have been taken over by a bigger manufacturer. There might be a bit more info there as I don't know any Dutch. I couldn't find any more information about it after roughly half an hour of googling.

In the beginning I also asked: "What tuning equipment would I need?". I had read that most of the "newer" upright-pianos use the same tuning tools, but for this one I am not really sure if it fits that bill.

I can always ask for more technical information from that friend if it is needed (I currently cannot inspect it myself because of quarantine).

Any help is appreciated :).

  • If it's a wooden frame, treat it as an experiment which will probably go wrong! If iron, then you'll need minimum of a couple of items - the plastic fingers that isolate one string from its neighbours and a tuning key. That's where you may have problems, as the pins are never standard, and finding one with the right square size and taper could end up with you having lots! Use the wrong one, and you will have to learn how to replace pins as well. – Tim Mar 30 at 14:19

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