For my advanced theory seminar class this semester, I am being introduced to formal counterpoint writing procedures. For a homework assignment this week, I have to write a good bass line (First Species) to go against this given melody line. The first step is I am supposed to determine the "implied harmonic progression."

We're in C major here. I hear the first group of eighth notes as a I chord and the next group as a IV chord. Is it normal for IV to go to the vi chord? That is not one of the common progressions I was taught.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

enter image description here

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    IV-vi and ii-vi are commonplace enough (at least compared to iii) in my experience. – Dekkadeci Apr 3 at 9:24
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    (It's years since I did this stuff.YEARS!) Yes, C and F in the first bar, I think. Then you could try | G#F#G# A B C B D | C Bb A G etc, Maybe? The first half bar should be springy, to contrast with the step-wise stuff. Like C(low one) G E C(high one) – Old Brixtonian Apr 3 at 13:36
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    What about this bass line? c e | f f# | g g, | c – Kilian Foth Apr 3 at 13:57

I hear it as:

C F | Am Dm | C/E G7 | C

I IV | vi ii | I6 V7 | I

But there are other possible interpretations as well.

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