I want to perform piano music through my PC for a church Zoom meeting. How do I connect the computer? I have not tried anything yet.

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    Connect the computer? To what? – Tim Apr 3 at 15:34
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  • The best solution is a youtube video. Record by webcam your music, make a video with windows media player and upload it on youtube. Each member of your community or church can watch it. – Albrecht Hügli Apr 3 at 20:29

You have basically two options. Probably the most sensible is to use the piano (whether electric or acoustic) as you normally would, but route the signal into an audio interface. This could be simply a built-in sound card, but in my experience those don't work satisfyingly for anything serious. So you should probably get a simple USB audio interface such as Presonus AudioBox, Focusrite Scarlet Solo or Behringer U-Phoria. Then you need a 1/4" cable from your piano to the interface, which plugs into the computer with USB. (Or XLR and mic for an acoustic piano.)

The alternative is to use MIDI. Most keyboards nowadays have themselves a USB connector, so you can directly plug it into the computer – but that normally doesn't give you access to the sounds of the keyboard, merely to the key commands. But those commands can be routed into a software instrument running on the computer. There is plenty of choice there, I like PianoTeq but you may even be able to find something free, not sure if that'll sound satisfying though.

Getting the sound from the software instrument into Zoom should theoretically be easy, but better don't count on it... test out everything beforehand.

With an older keyboard that doesn't have USB you could still use MIDI through a... well, MIDI connector and dedicated MIDI interface. But again, if you'd first need to buy that too, then an audio interface would probably be the more sensible choice.

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  • Thanks very much, problem solved! – Kadari Apr 5 at 16:32

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