Have no MIDI monitoring while playing MIDI Controller or OnScreen Keyboard

  • Tracks set: input: "All MIDI In" - output: VST Rack
  • MIDI is checked as "MIDI thru"
  • VST Rack - channel 1 - same as track
  • Tried with both instrument and rack
  • MIDI Controller registers in side meters upon hitting a note
  • MIDI filter all are unchcked in MIDI thru
  • Recording and playback works - no MIDI monitor

Cubase 10.5 Artist - previously Cubase 7.5(LE) where everything worked properly


If all the inputs are set up correctly, I guess we need to look at the outputs.

Is the 'audio' channel for the VST instrument assigned to the Stereo Out bus? Is the Stereo Out bus assigned to a physical audio output on your system?

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  • Yes all set to my Line 6 Helix, input output are working correctly over audio tracks and midi tracks. The problem is when I try to write the MIDI notes or play them the VST Rack/Instrument do not play, but when I activate the session play they do. – xIsra Apr 4 at 8:33

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