I am trying to denote something where I play a chord, lets say C, but then then I keep playing the note e (for a whole note) key and stop on the other two notes (c and g). Then i play the g note (or c and g) again as a quarter note. Basically I want a whole note at c and then during that whole note i want quarter notes (e and g) played through that measure. I don't think this will effect the answer but the end of that measure's c note is a whole+1 note and the next measure is g quarter notes.

I am trying to engrave this with Lilypond, but just knowing the name of what this is will probably allow me to find it.

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This is the act of engraving different voices within a single system. In LilyPond, it is created with the << { *voice1goeshere*} >> \\ << { *voice2goeshere* } >> construction. Here is the relevant portion of the LilyPond manual.

As a sample:

\version "2.19.84"

\score {
  \relative c'
      r4 <e g>4 q q | % put the higher voice first
      g g g g |
      c,1~ | % then the lower voice
      c4 r4 r2 |

enter image description here

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