In ABC notation, is there a way to notate a long held note with multiple guitar chords?

The naive approach

"F" "D7" "F#dim" C8- |

produces this, which isn't right

enter image description here

The obvious approach of splitting up the long note

"F" C4- "D7" C2- "F#dim" C2- | 

produces this, which is ok, but I thought I'd ask to see if there's anything closer to printed sheet music, which would just show a whole note, and the chords space out to suggest the second two are on the last two beats of the measure.

enter image description here

  • The use of dashes is common. F - D7F#o for a full bar. Problem with that is some use '-' (dash) as a sign meaning minor: G- means Gm. Or a slash (/) meaning play the same cchord again. F/D7F#o. But that's confusing too... By the way, the blue areas are - simply blue! – Tim May 16 at 16:12

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