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Piano chord fingering and/or pedal use [duplicate]

Although my beginner status doesn't make me eligible to play this particular sheet (part of which I presented here), I found it interesting to analyze the notes written. My question is related to ...
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Hand size and extended chords on piano [duplicate]

I have tried stretching my hand out but I seem to max out somewhere around 16 semitones so I wonder how 11th or 13th chords are supposed to be approached. Are they usually voiced within that span or ...
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How do I play this chord? [duplicate]

How would one play this chord? I am 6'2" and have medium to large hands but there is no way I can reach from the E to G#. Is there a trick to it?
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Piano Unreachable Notes in Music Sheet [duplicate]

Pardon my novelty, I'm new to reading music sheet, but now after some time I can basically read notes. This question is for piano. From this music sheet
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Is it physically possible to play these notes together? [duplicate]

This is from Chopin's Op. 48 Nr 1 How do I play these for notes with ny left hand? Seems impossible.
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Is it possible to play this B-flat, F, D chord? [duplicate]

Source: bar 38 in My hand can span a bit over one octave but this chord is well out of reach. Is it even physically possible to play it as written? ...
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What does a vertical square bracket and number indicate on a piano score? [duplicate]

Does it indicate to play the A# and C# with the same finger (a horizontal style thumb?). I’m not sure that’s possible! Does the notation have a name?
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Piano voice guitar sheet music [duplicate]

Got a chord in music b c e b with square shaped bracket next to it. I tried playing it but finger can’t stretch to other b octave higher. It is on a P V G sheet music from Sound of Music.
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"Impossible" piano fingering in Sondheim

Here is a bit from the standard piano arrangement of Sondheim's "Loving You" (from the Musical "PASSION"). This is near the start of the song (measure 9). The key is D-flat major (...
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Multiple Voices in "Rock" Piano

I generally get the idea of "multiple voices" in music such as explained in this question and answer. Is it also correct that in modern (e.g. non-classical) music multiple voices are used to ...
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How to exercise my fingers in extreme bending when playing piano?

I am learning a song on piano which has the following notes played simultaneously with the right hand: C Eb G C (my fingering: 1 2 3 5) If it was E instead of Eb I could pull it off without a problem, ...
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How does a performer with smaller hands manage large intervals in Bach?

Has someone created a list of accepted modifications to make certain figures easier to play for a performer with smaller hands? In the WTC (Das Wohltemperierte Klavier) there are intervals that are ...
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How do I play these widely spaced keys on keyboard?

I am struggling to play these keys, and I am not getting the right phrase to search on Google for this type of question. It's clearly impossible to play this with 2 hands. If this is played with 3 ...
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Granados' Goyescas finger wide chords

I'm learning the "el Fango del Candil" by E. Granados and I am struggling with the following two parts: Measure 9 Measures 22-23 For the first one: how can I make the three chords so ...
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How to play the intro of Fields Of Gold (Sting)

I'm trying to play the introduction of Fields of Gold by Sting, but the first change that's needed on the right hand seems impossible. I need to somehow put my right-hand's fingers on F#, A, D & E....
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