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Why are different keys necessary / important? [duplicate]

If all major key songs can be played in C major, then why do people play them in other keys? Assume there is no singer involved and we're just talking about what sounds "good". My understanding is ...
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Solo piano: Why not compose everything in or including the keys C major and A minor? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up question to What's the point of keys other than C and Am? After going through that question, I wrote down the key general facts: The C major and A minor keys have the simplest ...
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What criteria do composers use to choose the key of a song? [duplicate]

I would like to know what criteria composers use when choosing the key of a song. In the case of music composed for orchestra or, in general, for instruments with limited tessitura or tuned in a ...
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Why is there more than one major/minor scale in use? [duplicate]

Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm a total newbie to music and trying to wrap my head around things. :) From what I've learned, there is a pattern to all major/minor scales. For example, a major ...
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Why a composition is made in a certain key [duplicate]

Why a composer would decide to write certain work in let's say D flat rather than D? If some of the elements have certain limits in their pitch, especially singers, it may justify even a semitone of ...
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Is there a difference between keys? [duplicate]

I mean, is there a difference between sound of keys. Like, what is the point of writing some melody in a particular key if the melody would be the same if you, for example, raise all notes by one ...
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Relevance of compositional key? [duplicate]

Listening to Bach's Sonata No.4 for violin and harpsichord in C Minor made me wonder; does the key music is written and played in, have specific relevance to the compositions mood?
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how are scales of the same class (e.g. major scales) musically different? [duplicate]

I have recently learned the principles of the standard twelve-tone octave applied to major and minor scales. I understand each scale is defined by its main note, and the pattern of intervals, of half ...
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Why are some musical pieces using tricky key signatures? [duplicate]

I have learned in solfege classes when I was a kid that each sheet music of a musical piece has a key signature made out of sharps or flats. I understood that this key signature changes when the piece ...
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Why aren't all single key piano pieces written in C/Am? [duplicate]

I've been playing the piano for about a year and a half, learning bits of music theory along the way. I think I understand keys and modes, modulation etc. but there's something I just can't wrap my ...
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Why do composers choose different keys for their works? [duplicate]

For example, why did Beethoven choose C sharp minor when composing his moonlight sonata while choosing f minor for appassionata? Why did he not choose to compose all of his works in C major or A minor,...
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Is G sharp major a real key?

I'm mostly self-taught, so I don't know much in the way of theory beyond the basics. I have heard of G sharp Major a few times. I believe a scale in the key goes as such: G♯, A♯, B♯, C♯, D♯, E♯, Fx, G♯...
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How do I know what key to write in?

I've recently become obsessed with Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. The music has inspired me tenfold to compose, write similar music. I've posted on here before on how to compose, and I'm trying my ...
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Why do musicians prefer to play in certain keys? [duplicate]

Why do musicians care about which keys they choose?
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Are minor scales meant to be in sharp or flat keys?

I know you can read minor scales in both sharp and flat keys, but which is preferred in the world of music? Is it more useful to know them best as say Eb minor or D# minor? I know it doesn't make a ...
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