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If there is a sharp or flat in one half of a piano staff is that sharp/flat continued to the other half of the staff? For example, say there is a C♯ in the left-hand part of the staff, do you ...
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Chord sounding weirdly/ how to read those notes (Piano) [duplicate]

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Using Key signature but scale is going out onto ledger lines [duplicate]

I am working through my grade 1 theory book and am a little confused on a question. I have learnt that you either use key signatures or accidentals when writing out a scale. Not both. The question I ...
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Are tonal (sharp, flat and natural) key signatures octave specific? [duplicate]

I recently bought a piano for learning (by myself at the moment) and apart from doing basic exercises, I decided to start learning a piece to get a grip on music sheet reading as I go. On the sheet I'...
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Do I apply a sharp to all the same notes? [duplicate]

I play guitar and for one of my songs, the sheet music shows sharps for only higher notes and not the lower notes. Do I apply the sharps to the lower notes? For example, G on string 1 is a sharp but ...
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I am supposed to play an F#, but there is no sharp sign to suggest it [duplicate]

Given this piece of music: A learning app tells me to play an F# as the 2nd and 3rd note. My concern is that there is no sharp symbol on the 1st space. I figured there is a sharp on the line ...
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Trouble reading sheet music - identifying sharp note [duplicate]

I have watched this YouTube video and wanted to play it myself. I downloaded the sheet music from his description. In the following image I have marked the first incident where I wasn't sure about the ...
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Does an accidental apply to all octaves?

I've been playing French Horn for 20 years, and thought I had most basic concepts regarding accidentals understood. But the other day I came across the following image via Wikipedia, which had me ...
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Why is it that I have to play this note on the piano as A sharp?

I watched a Synthesia video of this music paper, and on the Synthesia is played that note as a A sharp, but I see no sign of playing an A sharp.
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Chords in Moonlight Sonata 1st movement

From here: In 1st measure - first chord - it's said that it is C#min (i) but there are C-C#-G. I thought it should be C#-E-G# why is it C#min (i) if there are C-C#-G?? In 3st measure - first ...
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How to read the music staff with key signatures included? [duplicate]

I am reading an introduction of music theory recently. From the first few chapters I learn the fundamental idea about notes, time signatures, music staff, treble & bass clef, interval and scale. ...
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