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How to do just intonation interval ear training?

I've been trying to train my ear to distinguish intervals for quite some time but I don't get very good at it. I've got a hypothesis that it's because ask the interval training programs, websites and ...
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Interval recognition : should I use reference songs?

I am at the beginning of my journey to learn singing. To master interval recognition, my teacher and many people recommend using reference songs (the first 2 notes of the song corresponding to the ...
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How can I train my ear? [duplicate]

So, months ago I started to study how to play guitar and piano, I already got to play some songs, but I feel very awkward playing something by ear. Therefore, i'd like some tips on where I have to ...
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How to tell if a song is tuned a half-step down?

This song, for example: I've tried the notes in the intro on both standard tuning and half-step down, and they both match pretty closely. (How) Can one determine by ...
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How can I achieve the ability of playing the music's melody right after listening to it? [duplicate]

Recently I bought a new guitar for myself. After having a basic course, I can play some simple songs like Auld Lang Syne, and I've started wondering this question: If I had such ability, I may learn a ...
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How to write long melodic licks on Guitar?

Please share your method/approach to write long melodic licks/runs/sequences/phrases on your instrument(preferably guitar). I can write short melodic short phrases like in Blues, for example, but ...
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How can I develop highly accurate intonation/tuning without perfect pitch? [duplicate]

I've been reading a bunch of things violinists write and a good portion of them seem to contradict themselves. At this point I'm starting to get really frustrated, so I could really, really use some ...
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Improve bad ear

My musical ear is terrible. It is so bad that I don't think any amount of training can get me to a reasonable level (I've tried). Is there a way that I could improve it dramatically? I am open to any ...
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vocal software for singing in tune

I have problem with singing in tune. I'm looking for a software that could recognize live when I'm out of tune and show me how far I am from the right note. I have two questions: Has anyone used a ...
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How to improve my aural? [duplicate]

This year, I'm taking the ABRSM piano test, Grade 5. Every year, I ALWAYS seem to have trouble with the aural. Everything else is fine, but it's always the aural part that lowers my grade. Is there ...
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Ear training: the basics [duplicate]

What do I do to start ear training? I want to have to end goal of being able to hear a melody and be able to recognize the notes. But how to I get there? I don't even have a clue on where to start at ...
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Advice: 'Real' Musical Ability?

I have been playing my instrument for almost 11 years now; I have mastered the technique, I can play my scales and chords forwards, backwards and upside-down, sightread most reasonable music, identify ...
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Having trouble memorizing intervals in ear training

I've been using some of those interval training games like this one and I have tried some on my phone as well. The problem is that I don't think I'm making any progress. Right now (on the website I ...
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What are the specific progressive steps to take in basic ear training?

This question: What are the most effective ear training methods has an excellent best answer. I'd like to zoom in on its conclusion: All of these skills, like playing an instrument, take time. Don'...
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What is the best way to learn to sing harmony?

I am quite capable of singing the lead vocal but have a difficult time finding the 3rd or 5th harmony in order to harmonize with someone else. Is there a method of learning to hear or find the ...
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