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What are some useful and effective exercises for training absolute pitch?

I think by now most people agree that perfect pitch is not genetic. We understand that most people who do possess perfect pitch acquire it very early in life, (around the same time most people acquire ...
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How to start playing by ear/improvising?

Up till now I've been playing music from the sheet, and eventually I've grown frustrated how after 3 years of playing I can't even play Jingle Bells if I'm asked to without figuring it out from a ...
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Having trouble memorizing intervals in ear training

I've been using some of those interval training games like this one and I have tried some on my phone as well. The problem is that I don't think I'm making any progress. Right now (on the website I ...
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What is the best way to learn to sing harmony?

I am quite capable of singing the lead vocal but have a difficult time finding the 3rd or 5th harmony in order to harmonize with someone else. Is there a method of learning to hear or find the ...
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How can you tell if the singer is in pitch?

Just found this site. I'm an adult piano beginner. I just started studying music for the first time in my life about a year ago and am loving it. It's fascinating. I've been taking piano lessons. ...
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What are the specific progressive steps to take in basic ear training?

This question: What are the most effective ear training methods has an excellent best answer. I'd like to zoom in on its conclusion: All of these skills, like playing an instrument, take time. Don'...
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How to tell if a song is tuned a half-step down?

This song, for example: I've tried the notes in the intro on both standard tuning and half-step down, and they both match pretty closely. (How) Can one determine by ...
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Ear training: the basics [duplicate]

What do I do to start ear training? I want to have to end goal of being able to hear a melody and be able to recognize the notes. But how to I get there? I don't even have a clue on where to start at ...
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How to write long melodic licks on Guitar?

Please share your method/approach to write long melodic licks/runs/sequences/phrases on your instrument(preferably guitar). I can write short melodic short phrases like in Blues, for example, but ...
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How to do just intonation interval ear training?

I've been trying to train my ear to distinguish intervals for quite some time but I don't get very good at it. I've got a hypothesis that it's because ask the interval training programs, websites and ...
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Improve bad ear

My musical ear is terrible. It is so bad that I don't think any amount of training can get me to a reasonable level (I've tried). Is there a way that I could improve it dramatically? I am open to any ...
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Advice: 'Real' Musical Ability?

I have been playing my instrument for almost 11 years now; I have mastered the technique, I can play my scales and chords forwards, backwards and upside-down, sightread most reasonable music, identify ...
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How can I develop highly accurate intonation/tuning without perfect pitch? [duplicate]

I've been reading a bunch of things violinists write and a good portion of them seem to contradict themselves. At this point I'm starting to get really frustrated, so I could really, really use some ...
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vocal software for singing in tune

I have problem with singing in tune. I'm looking for a software that could recognize live when I'm out of tune and show me how far I am from the right note. I have two questions: Has anyone used a ...
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Requesting useful suggestions on ear training, for developing perfect RELATIVE pitch [duplicate]

For those of you that care about it, how do YOU remember all your intervals? As more intervals have become second nature to me, its been a huge advantage in both creative soloing/composing, and for ...
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