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How to differentiate between relative keys [duplicate]

So I'm learning that C major and A minor scales have the same notes. Then, if I look at, say, 10 consecutive single notes, how do I tell if they're in C or Am? It's easier when you see a chord, ...
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How do I know if I'm in a Major key or its Relative Minor? [duplicate]

For example, if I compose a chord progression F-G-C-Am. Can I Assume C as the Key? How do I know I'm not in A minor? I've seen songs analysis that says a song is in determined key even when the root ...
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How differentiate a song between major and relative minor scale (E.g differentiate B major from G# minor)? [duplicate]

Since the major scales and their relative minor uses the same key signature, how differentiate a major song from minor? Below is a screenshot of a sample from musescore (the key signature is used for ...
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Is this chord progression in A minor, or C major? [duplicate]

I got in an argument with a buddy of mine over whether the chord progression I had written was in C Major, or A Minor. I've read up on what makes it one or the other, and I strongly feel it is C Major....
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What allows us to distinguish a sequence in C major vs A minor? [duplicate]

I understand the difference between the A minor and C major scale. They both incorporate the same notes but begin on different frequencies. Yet, given a sequence of notes from the set {C,D,E,F,G,A,B} ,...
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Is the difference between key and scales just unordered vs. ordered pitches? [duplicate]

Hi guys I was trying to understand the relationship between keys and scales, from what I understood starting from the basic pitch: A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# if we start from one and take WWHWWWH we ...
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What is the audible difference between a song written in A Natural Minor scale and a C Major scale? [duplicate]

I started taking music classes to try to learn some theory. I learnt there's something called a major scale. But today, Youtube recommended a video called Minor Scales, so I clicked on it. The video ...
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What indicates this passage as B flat minor and not D flat major?

From an exercise to identify the key of this passage, I thought it was D flat major, given the first note, but the answer is B flat minor. What in the passage indicates it as B flat minor?
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Finding key of a song with accidentals

I have a very basic understanding of keys / scales and am a keyboard hobbyist. Every now and then I try to find the notes of a song by ear. The problem I sometimes face is with identifying key/scale ...
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Do the notes in a scale have to be played in order?

Beginner here, it seems like a scale just defines a particular set of notes that don't have to be played in any order to me. But if you look at A minor pentatonic scale you have A, C, D, E, G, yet ...
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Can you hear the difference between relative keys?

When I search the key of a song on Google, I always get 2 keys which have a relative relationship. For example, when I search the key of the song Emotions by Mariah Carey, I get C major and A minor. ...
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Major or Minor, which modes are you in?

How do you know if a piece is in a major key or its corresponding minor? As far as I can tell, the key signature is the same. Maybe it doesn't matter as they are the same, just starting 3 half steps ...
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How to work out the key of a song which has a few of the same chords of more than one key

I'm getting my head around song key theory and wondered if any of you guys who know more than me have tips on how to work out the key of a song if it happens to have chords that feature in more than ...
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