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Forgetting the musical notes while performing in concert

Yesterday I performed my favorite piano piece "Liebestraum no.3" by Franz Liszt in an audition. I forgot a lot of its musical notes although that I prepared it very well and I even played it a lot in ...
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How do I begin finally making music on the piano?

It's been almost 4 years since I had too much time on my hands while living in student dorms so I decided to learn to play the piano. I always loved listening to classical and suddenly listening wasn'...
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What exactly do pianists/musicians memorize? [duplicate]

when memorizing music, what is it that they're memorizing? is it the music like all the note/chord names (like E E F G G F E D C C D E E D C)? the piano keys? muscle memory?
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What happens when I start to get music "down" to the point where I can play it fluently?

When I am learning a new piece on the piano, at first I struggle to get it together bar by bar. It depends on how tricky it is, but most of the time I start out real slow, trying to get it 'down'. At ...
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When was the dominant ninth chord incorporated in music theory?

The "ninth chord" that Rameau, Kirnberger, Marpurg or Koch (inter alia) discuss during the 18th century is the chord formed by a triad and an added ninth, and its explanation is always through a "...
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Is dictating a score from memory a good way to test if the piece is memorized?

My RCM ARCT Performer's Piano exam is one week away, and at my last lesson I had trouble memorizing Mozart's Sonata in B-flat major (K 333). As you may know, memorization is compulsory for the ARCT ...
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Piano Memorization Techniques

Please share your memorization techniques for piano music. I'm good enough at sight reading to have avoided learning how to memorize effectively, which is now holding me back on tougher pieces. For ...
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I'm having trouble memorizing [duplicate]

I don't know about you guys but I can only think of one thing at a time. okay say I memorize bach 2 part inventions. it's easy right? I can memorize one hand until I can sing the the line with the ...
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Best way to memorize patterns/chunks/building blocks

I am having a hard time memorizing. I read some answers here and it seems the more you can lump together notes in memory the easier it gets. So I was hoping to build my 'internal library of motifs/...
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Are there any effective strategies for memorizing/learning unfamiliar chords?

I'm learning how to play a song on my guitar and there are some chords I haven't encountered yet. I studied the chords and everything one would expect when encountering something they've never seen ...
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How to learn pieces by heart when time is limited?

Instruction to learn a piece by heart (3 pages) in a brief space of time (2 days)?
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