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Is F Lydian mode in the "key" of C Major?

In most cases (if not all), a piece of music without sharps or flats in the key signature, would be considered in the key of C major or A minor. This question assumes the context of Western Music ...
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Can a song in one key contain major chords that are not in the key? Or does that change the key?

As an intro to piano, I want to learn basic chords from 2 White Stripes songs. They are as basic as piano gets, yet very catchy and powerful. They are very major sounding. I have never been able ...
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What is the relationship between "do re mi" and note letter names?

When people sing the song, they use do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, (si), etc, but sometimes I hear that the music people say A, B, C, D flat, etc. Is there a relationship or are they two different ...
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What is the the Nashville Numbers system?

Recently, a couple of my bandmates were talking about a technique they use called Nashville Numbers. It's similar to writing out chords, but instead uses numbers. These numbers are a pattern that ...
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What does it mean for a song to be played in C minor, D, etc?

I like listening to classical music, I noticed that a song may come in many versions (example : Hungarian Dances). I know what majors and minors scales are, but my music theory knowledge ends there. I ...
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Finding The Key Of A Song [duplicate]

How can I find out what the key of a song is? The method I'm most familiar and comfortable with is playing each pitch along with the song and then checking which pitch sounds the most stable at all ...
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If a song is in a certain key, can you add an instrument or vocal to the song / track as long as they are in the same scale of that key [duplicate]

If a song is in a certain key, can you add an instrument or vocal to the song / track as long as they are in the same scale of that key. So for example, if a song is in key D major, you can add any ...
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When does a Chord Change?

When does a Chord Changes in a diatonic progression? Is it most common to solo using the scale of that chord (non tonic)? For example, using the d minor scale to solo over d minor in the c major key. ...
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If a song is in a specific key are you strictly supposed to play chords only in that key? [duplicate]

I am just starting out to learn some music theory since I want to play by ear and I noticed some terminology and it's confusing me. When someone says a song is in the C major key (which are notes C,D,...
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Understanding the key concept

I'm trying to understand the concept of key. After googling for a while I found that key is the same as tonality, and it consists of the set of notes that form a scale (major, minor, ...). But which ...
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Figuring out the key signature of a piece of music I wrote

I recently wrote string quartet with five movements and now have run into a rather large problem. Since I have never taken a music theory class or a composition class in my life, I didn't know how to ...
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