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Beamed note with unfilled heads — What is this? [duplicate]

In the 1905 incidental score to Peter Pan by John Crook (1852–1922), there’s a notation I’m unfamiliar with: double-beamed notes with unfilled heads. (See the first four bars of the score below.) In ...
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What do these beamed half notes mean? [duplicate]

I encountered this notation and was wondering what it means.
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Mix between Half Notes and Eighth Notes: What Kind of Note is This? [duplicate]

I came across these weird looking little dudes in a horrendous Trombone concertino that my orchestra is swallowing whole: I apologize for the crummy image. I refer to the strange hybrid-looking ...
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What does this mean (the treble clef part) and how to play it? [duplicate]

This is the accompaniment piece for a clarinet solo and I do not know how to play this measure.
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"Minim Semi-Quaver" Semi Quaver with a space in the note [duplicate]

Hi today I have received audition music for a band for next year but I have a question about some of the notes in the music. They looks like semi-quavers (16th notes) but they have a space in the ...
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Half note with flags? [duplicate]

I was looking at Saint-Saens Bacchanale sheet music and saw 2 half notes in a measure combined with sixteenth note stems in a 2/4 time signature. What is this and how would you play it?
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How do I play this part in 'Trois pièces brèves'? [duplicate]

How do I play this part on my french horn? From Jacques Ibert - Trois pièces brèves
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How to play half notes with three (32nds) beams? [duplicate]

In an arrangement of a piece of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake (link to for flute and piano I found following notation of four half notes (and later two full notes) but with 32nds beams that ...
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Unknown notation - thick horizontal bars between notes

I haven't the faintest idea of what these bars could mean. They're thick and mostly horizontal with a slight tilt. Some sort of run perhaps? How do you effect the dynamics/notes these bars are ...
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What do three bars across the stem of a note mean?

I am wondering how are to be understood the following notes and how to play them on the violin. There is no indication of tremolo on the score. Nevertheless, should I understand this as tremolo on ...
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What is the purpose of this notation that has short lines through the note stems?

Why are these semi quavers written like this? It is part of a string quartet
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What is this notation? Tremolo? [duplicate]

I found this odd notation in some music by Verdi. The part is 9/8, and there are several notes with four bars. In particular, there are some dotted half notes connected with four bars, and 16/th notes ...
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