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I find myself making the same mistake when practising - despite focussing on that part- how to remedy?

I'm an extremely newbie musician (preparing for Grade II on oboe - no prior musical experience). I've looked into the best ways to practise (and I have a teacher) but I find myself struggling with ...
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How do I own the music?

Bear with me with this non musical analogy: I am a driving instructor and one of the things we look for is for a pupil to know they can drive by themselves. One of the questions they will eventually ...
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How to practise a long but difficult passage

As I've said before, I'm working on the Bach inventions, among a few other pieces. When I practise/learn any new piece, I prefer to break it into manageable chunks, usually separated in some obvious ...
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How to practise, ear piano playing after years of sightreading only?

I am stuck in sheet music. I know theory, have average sight reading skill, know chords and their inversions, scales, accidentals, ect. But if someone took the notes away I couldn't play even ...
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Any good tips on keeping pieces "on ice"?

I am a piano and pipe organ student. I find that when I begin work on a new piece, I can be very attached to the piece and really "feel" the music. As I learn the notes, I have sometimes been rushing ...
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Example of a child which got in two years very far on the guitar with just a very moderate amount of practice

Here is a link to the channel of an extremely young and talented guitarist. He has uploaded six different pieces up to now, and writes: Hi I'm Adrian. I'm 14 years old and live in Philippines. ...
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Practice for skill maintenance with busy life

When I was younger I learned piano to grade 6 level, and I also picked up some bass guitar along the way. I enjoy playing music and composing from time to time. But life is busy (PhD thesis/work/etc.) ...
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Chord practise methods

Is there any books or methods on practising chords? I am not talking about knowing chords on their own but being able to practise them with other music items such as scales. I find I am a very good ...
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Forgetting the piece when playing for the teacher [duplicate]

I am taking piano lessons that I have to prepare pieces for, and play them for the teacher. After learning a piece, I usually manage to play it when practising in private. However when I come to the ...
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Basics piano practise progression

I have been playing piano for about 2 years now and I know all the basics from simple triads to scales, modes major minor and more advanced chords. I use to practice very hard daily to develop ...
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