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Questions tagged [12-string-guitar]

The twelve-string guitar is an acoustic or electric guitar with 12 strings in 6 courses, which produces a richer, more ringing tone than a standard six-string guitar

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12 string guitar stringing

Most commonly, 12 string guitars have their bottom four pairs arranged so that when strumming down, the octave strings sound before the original E A D and G. Is there any particular reason for this? ...
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12 string tuning to DADGAD

For tuning dadgad on my 12 string would it be: D1D2 A1A2 etc up to gad (leaving gad same octave) on my tuner to get the correct octaves?
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What is the point of 12 string electric guitars?

As I understand the concept of a 12 string acoustic is that the doubling of strings gives the acoustic instrument a greater sonority, more volume, and a very nice full, rounded sound. So I was just ...
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Tune high B and E strings one octave apart like the other strings?

Traditionally high B and E strings are tuned in unison. Why are they tuned like this? Unlike the rest of strings. If this can be done anyway, could this be achieved with the standard set of unwounded ...
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Would my 12 string guitar break if i added pairs of strings instead of octaves and removed the last low-E string?

I've heard of lots of famous musicians doing this, for example Ariel Camacho. And their guitars never break. I'm wondering if I added pairs of strings and removed the last low-E string, would it break?...
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12 String guitar going out of tune around the 8th fret on the high e, b and g

I just bought my 12 string guitar and the g,b and high e string go out of tune when i play it around the 8th fret i'm really getting worried. I'm wondering if its a problem with the type of strings it ...
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Why are these guitars strung this way?

What is the reasoning and effect of the Rickenbacker 12 string turned around method of stringing up the guitar with larger strings to the left of the lighter gauge strings on a right handed guitar?
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How to Overcome High Action/Heavy Gauge Strings on a 12-string?

I've played the guitar for over 40 years—I'm now 59 and I started when I was 11 or so. I've played professionally, been in many bands, played every sort of guitar imaginable and even been a bass ...
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Is there an advantage to medium gauge over light if I'm not adding tension?

I recently got a 12 string acoustic, and due to availability, put a set of D'addario mediums on (they had light, the store owner recommended meduim). It sounded great, however that's my first time ...
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What do you think of attempting to tune an Acoustic 12-string one full step up?

Many like to tune a 12 string 1/2 to 1 full step down. I understand it reduces tension, reduces breaking the high G string and/or allows you to run thicker gauges for a fuller sound. However I ...
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Can I re-string my 12 string guitar with strings of different octaves?

I have an Ibanez 12-string guitar. I’ve been thinking of changing strings, but instead of simply replacing the octave strings, I would like to put on pairs of the same strings. So my question is: What ...
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Can I play a 12 string like a 6 string guitar?

I have a cheap 6-string guitar. I want to get a new one and am considering a 12-string guitar. What are the differences between 12- and 6-string guitars? Can I use a 12-string like a 6-string? Will ...
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12 String Guitars - Some Information?

So I've been playing the guitar for a while, and I'm comfortable with different styles of music (classical, blues, a bit of jazz, folk etc.) and I have a few different guitars (an acoustic steel ...
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12-string acoustic guitar - how do nut and saddle materials affect tone?

I'm doing some work on a 12-string acoustic guitar, and am planning to replace the nut and saddle. I need to raise the action a little bit for the E and B strings, and also want to change to a ...
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Restringing a 12-string guitar with heavier strings - is it possible?

I'm considering using a 12-string guitar I don't play all that much as a testbed: Is it possible to restring an acoustic guitar as a baritone guitar, or even just string it so I can tune it down a few ...
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