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For questions about the art of providing musical support or background to a lead soloist or ensemble.

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Jazz comping rhythms for piano

I am a piano player but am new to jazz; I am classically trained. I have recently began playing jazz however and was curious as to what rhythms to use for comping. I know the rhythms are on off beats ...
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Can my lack of piano practice affect my creativity in song composing & arranging?

I would like to firstly apologize for this lengthy post. I just want to give a background to my question. I am not, by any means, a professional pianist. I do not have a Music Degree to boast of, ...
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Dividing Note Value

I’m accompanying a vocalist in the song “Selve Amiche.” In this piece, there is an instruction at the bottom of the first page that says to “divide the note value equally between the two vowels.” When ...
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I have a pretty decent formation on piano and music theory but I find it difficult to perform vocal accompaniments

I have studied classical music for a few years. I have a good understanding of basic harmony and I can play some pieces of acceptable difficulty on the piano (sonatas by Mozart or Beethoven, nocturnes ...
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Guidelines for Easy Piano Blues, but not boring

Consider the following scenario: you already have the basic chord progression (I-IV-V) you already have the basic melody of a slow (and sad) blues song the music is played only on the piano and by ...
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Playing Piano in a Big Band / Chordal Accompaniments

I play piano in a jazz band and I've been learning piano for about 8/10 years now. The type of music I'm talking about here is mainly swing music. What are some good techniques/practices for ...
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Putting guitar and song together

So, I'm still working on this. I started singing with my playing using hey ya as my first song. (In fact that was the first song I ever played) Ironically I always lose it at the verse that goes ...
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