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For questions related to musics native to the African continent. Questions may also require the world-music tag.

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Which genres of African folk music uses high strung tuning on guitars?

Several links (, for example) make a distinction between high-strung tuning (an octave higher EAD strings) and Nashville tuning (an octave ...
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What temperament did the akonting players use when they jammed with Béla Fleck?

In the album and film "Throw Down Your Heart", Béla Fleck (banjo) and Jil Ekona Jatta (akonting) jam (video). The banjo is fretted and the akonting is not. How did this work? Here are a few ...
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Any idea what I should pay for a nyatiti?

There aren't any available to try in my area, but I'd really like to pick one up. The thing is, I have no idea what a reasonable price is. There are a few online, but the prices vary (in one case, ...
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learning the Kora

Are there any written methods for learning the Kora, a West African instrument which traditionally is taught only by example and whose repertoire is not notated?
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Tuning the nyatiti

What is the standard tuning for an 8-string Nyatiti? I've tried searching in Google but haven't found anything. I wonder if there are different tunings in different regions.
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How can I learn Soukous guitar?

I really like the sound of Soukous guitar playing, and would like to learn a bit of that. What would be good ways of doing this? I'm not great at picking at all, I'm a happy amateur chord strummer, so ...
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What makes african blues so distinctive?

When you listen to the music by Ali Farka Toure, Rokia Traore, Afel Bocoum and other african blues artists you can recognize it in a second. What is it what makes the african blues so distinctive? Is ...
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