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Algorithmic composition is the technique of using algorithms to create music.

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how to theoretically understand that chords are compatible? [closed]

how can we theoretically understand that chords are compatible? let's imagine that there is a chord X1 and X2, what rules/conditions must these chords follow in order to be compatible? I have a ...
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Interpolating two melodies into a single melody

I have been experimenting with an algorithmic/mathematical approach to combine two melodies into a single, new melody and want to ask if there are other approaches to this problem. Example combination ...
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Composers who use mathematical / algorithmic approaches in their compositions? [closed]

First, I am not a musician, just a hobby programmer who tries himself on mathematical compositions with python. I am experimenting with mathematical techniques to create sheet based music, and have ...
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Harmony and melody system for a 8 x 8 grid

I am in the process of creating a computer game, where a character moves in a grid sized 8 x 8 squares, i.e. 8 squares horizontally and 8 squares vertically. When the character is moving on the ...
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How would one go about composing a Tintinnabuli piece?

I've been doing some research on the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt lately, known best for his simple yet highly emotive Tintinnabuli compositions. The theory behind it is incredibly dense and difficult ...
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How does delta time work for different tracks within a midi file?

I am currently writing a midi generator using preexisting midi files. I'm getting confused as each midi file I download seems to be saved in a slightly different format. I particularly getting ...
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How can I get started with melody writing?

I have a basis in music theory(took an AP course, read a few online texts) and now seek to create melodies, though am never able to start. I'm aware that this has been asked before, though have not ...
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Rules for computer aided chord progression

I'm working on a program to help musicians write chord progressions. You pick the chords one at a time in sequence, and the computer to try to "guess" what chords should come next, similar to the way ...
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Industry Standard for Psychological Mapping of Emotion to Musical Keys

I have found several references to map a key to a psychological feeling or psyche archetype. Is there an industry standard for musical scoring?
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Is it possible to describe how referees in composition competitions (typically) work?

Would it be possible that someone having a working knowledge in these matters (ideally, someone who has much experience being a referee in composition competitions) to give an overview, to a person ...
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Is there an "algorithm" for the time duration of a repeating rhythm?

Is there a way to determine the amount of additional rest time required after a rhythmic figure in order to ensure that the entire phrase loops seamlessly within a defined time signature? I want to ...
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How would I fit a 4 chord progression into 3 bars?

I'm programmatically trying to create a song. If I have a 4 chord progression that i'm trying to fit into 3 bars, what rules of thumb should i be following to make it sound not terrible? If we have a ...
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Does FLow Machine's AI music-generating algorithm rely substantially on current music theory?

An example of Flow Machines artificial intelligence music generator can be found on Soundcloud. Has it been discussed or published to what extent their algorithms were developed with standard music ...
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New technology being studied or developed to record the song in our heads?

As composers we sometimes imagine a whole song with drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocal melodies in our head, but usually in the process of composing we sometimes lose what we were thinking. Is there ...
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Csound: Increment a variable with every play

I want to increment a counter with each play of my csound instrument. The intention is to iterate thru numerical sequences with every MIDI triggering of my csound instrument. Test case is below. I'm ...
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What the fundamentals of music composition and how to learn it?

I have no music or instrument background. I am part of film project and I am the music director. I need to create theme songs for various different characters and situations. I am given no money so I ...
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Are there any music programming languages from after the SuperCollider era?

The history of music and sound synthesis languages can be traced back to the Music N languages starting in the 1950s. You can trace the threads from there to a variety of languages that were developed ...
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Transformative vs Generative in Algorithmic Composition

What's the difference between generative and transformative algorithms in relation to algorithmic composition of music? As I understand the basic idea of the algorithms themselves, generative uses ...
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Has anyone done any work specific to experimenting/creating formulaic math evaluations for the purpose of defining musical patterns?

I realize the question may sound too broad or unclear but specifically, I was recently thinking that you could take a certain genre of music, or a certain composers' works, and mathematically define ...
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Easiest way to turn permutations into Sibelius notation

Total dummy (non-programmer) question here. There are permutations like these, for example: (n=9, r=2) {1,2} {1,3} {1,4} {1,5} {1,6} {1,7} {1,8} {1,9} {2,1} {2,3} {2,4} {2,5} {2,6} {2,7} {2,8} {2,9}...
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Do algorithms exist to calculate chords during performance while playing only baseline and melody?

I would like to play a bassline and melody on a MIDI controller and have the computer dynamically fill in chords as I'm playing. I assume that there are several choices for each chord that the ...
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How can I alter a melody to fit a new chord progression?

I'm playing around with algorithmic composition, and I have the following problem. I have a melody, a chord progression / scale / both that was used to generate that melody (via whatever method), ...
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Are there any software to build and 3D simulate an entire audio visual live show?

I know you can mix visuals with: resolume I know you can create and perform electronic music with: Ableton And I know you can design and perform light shows with: Sunlite Suite. I also know ...
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Are there any rules of thumb for shifting the key signature within a tone net?

[ ... struggling with giving this a better title ] I'm working out the algorithmic bases for generation of a tone-net (tonnetz) in preparation for programming the presentation layer. The problem is ...
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General procedure for determining the name of an interval given a major key / diatonic collection [duplicate]

I'm attempting to program a library that lets one make use of concepts from Peter Westergaard's tonal theory. The current problem I'm trying to solve is to determine the specific name of an interval ...
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Looking for a high level Music Programming language

I'm looking for a high-level programming language. I did some googling and found a number of examples (some summarized here but haven't found ...
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How to algorithmically find a chord progression for an infinite arbitrary melody?

My question is primarily about this piano performance: The number Pi is played with the right hand by mapping each digit to a note in the A minor scale: 0 1 2 3 ...
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Algorithms for music composition

I'm a beginner in music but I also like to fool around with simple computer programs . So I found a little python library to generate MIDI files . So what I do now is that I have a few rhythm ...
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How does the Risset Rhythm work?

Many people know about the Shepard-Risset Tone/Glissando, which is a tone that starts low and seems to continue ascending(or descending) when you listen to it, even though it actually is playing the ...
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How can I generate nice-sounding random chord progressions?

I'm trying to write a computer program to generate simple random chord progressions. Is there a way of ranking chords based on how nice they will sound after the previous ones? Any advice would be ...
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