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Methods of tuning the open strings on a guitar or other chordophone that differ from what is considered to be standard.

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How can I easily manage different tunings?

This is probably appropriate for a range of instruments, and I have seen mentioned in other questions that professional musicians can cope easily with transpositions, different instruments that play ...
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Which strings should I use for DADGAD tuning on my acoustic guitar?

I have recently switched to DADGAD tuning, before that I was using light tension strings ( 12 16 24 32 42 53 ). But because of DADGAD, to compensate for the lack of tension on the neck, I wanted to ...
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How should tuning systems / temperaments be notated in modern scores?

Similar to this question: How were tuning/temperaments indicated on scores (if they ever were)? In modern musical notation how should the use of something other than equal temperament be notated? See ...
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How to Choose the Best Alternate Tuning

This is essentially a generalized version of this question for fingerstyle guitar, and I'm surprised I can't find it on this website: how do I find the most optimal alternate tuning for a guitar/bass(/...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an all-fourths guitar tuning?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an all-fourths guitar tuning being E, A, D, G, C, F (the high E and B strings being raised a half-step from standard tuning). One reason to do this is ...
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What guitar tunings allow many chords without fretting between "live" strings

When playing the guitar, I find it difficult to fret a string without touching the string on either side and ruining the sound. Open tunings make it very easy to play one type of chord by barring ...
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Tuning for small-size guitar?

I have a toy store, where we try to get decent kids instruments among other things. One of the guitars we stock is the Janod "Confetti" series guitar. It's 25" long, open string length is 16". I sold ...
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Tuning Acoustic from Drop D to Standard Repeatedly

There are a few songs I play where Drop D tuning is required to get some nice, bass-heavy, open 6th string notes. It also facilitates many of the chords in the song in addition to adding a full tone. ...
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What is the point in different guitar tunings? [duplicate]

I don't get it quite yet, since it seems to me like you can play most everything in standard tuning with a bit of practice. Or can you? What are some parameters to look for in a specific guitar tuning ...
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Why is dropped D tuning used so often?

Many metal/rock songs use dropped D tuning. What reasons are there for it?
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Why do some artists tune their guitars half a step or whole step down?

Is there a reason some guitarists tune down half or whole steps, other than preference or style? It bugs me sometimes when I would like to play along with a song only to find that it's played down ...
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How many notes are in an octave in Indian classical music? Is it 7, 12, or 22?

What is the logic behind dividing an octave into 22 notes?
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What is an "open tuning"?

I know that Keith Richards has been known to use open tunings on some songs, but what is an open tuning exactly and when/why would you use it?
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What frequencies should the violin and viola be tuned to?

I'm using this app to tune my violin, it supports many temperament options. What I want to do is tune the A string to 440Hz first, then comparing the other strings sympathetically to the adjacent ...
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How to choose a tuning for a fingerstyle arrangement?

I want to learn to play fingerstyle guitar like sungha jung. I found that most of his fingerstyle arrangements are made in different tunings and not the standard tuning. How does he choose which ...
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Problems with 8 string guitar tuning?

I just recently bought an 8 string. I have tried every tuning I have read or watched videos on. For some reason my f# sounds to loose and there is a lot of rattle on the guitar?all the other strings ...
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How to find the right tuning for arranging songs? [duplicate]

I want to know how to find the right tuning to be comfortable and able to combine many different voicings on a single guitar, I also wanted to spice up my arrangement. I saw kent nishimura on YouTube, ...
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Tuning a keyboard

Is there any software in which I can connect my casio keyboard (mk-210) to use as input and select the tuning in cents or frequency for each note manually to listen to as an output so I can try ...
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Can I tune a banjolel to DGBE?

I play baritone uke tuned DGBE. Can I set up my banjolele to be DGBE also? Banjolele now is standard uke GCEA tuning.
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Is even-interval tuning a sensible idea for lead guitar?

I'm primarily a rhythm guitarist who has recently taken up bass. I've been struck how easy the equal 4th intervals between strings is for scale patterns, which surely have as much relevance for lead ...
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Is there a mathematic reason why Standard tuning for guitar is number 1 in the series of tunings? Could AI find it given a guitar with no tuning? [duplicate]

Physics, Mathematics, and Linguistic Stack Exchange simply refuse to accept questions about the mathematics of tablature and guitar. But what is tablature besides lines and numbers? These sites often ...
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