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For questions about the alto (or treble) recorder in F, the slightly larger sibling of the soprano recorder.

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What hand-span is required by alto recorder

I have small hands and I am 4 feet 11 inches. I was looking into getting an alto recorder. Is the fingering too spread apart for me? Should I just stick to Soprano?
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Recorder out of tune by a half tone up

When playing my Recorder I found out that each note was half tone (sharp) up... I was wondering if this is a problem with the flute, or with my technique of blowing... I have also noticed that when ...
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Alto Recorder First Octave C D E

I bought my first Alto Recorder and i'm really confused. The lowest it can go is a F right? What if I want to play a C D or E in the same octave? This website
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ASIO with a latency with bluetooth mic

I decided to use my handsfree as a happy microphone, despite its utter junk 8000Hz quality. It attaches to the labium of my alto recorder and it looks quite fascinating. Now I can playback the sound ...
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What am I doing wrong with my new alto recorder?

I just got a Yamaha YRA-28BIII recorder. I also got a Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder. I have very limited experience using a recorder. on the Soprano recorder I blow fairly strongly without it ...
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How loud is an alto recorder?

I was thinking of starting to learn an instrument. Many people on the internet say recorder is not a very difficult instrument and I can learn alone without a teacher. But I was wondering how loud a ...
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