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For questions about studying the intricacies of a piece of music. Questions should also be tagged with a more specific form of analysis if applicable.

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Teaching myself to identify phrases and need feedback

I took this piece by Schumann (Melodie) and am trying to identify the cadences. I have already started to try and identify the phrases first. I am unsure if the first system is one phrase. Any help ...
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Are there applications of interval graphs in musical analysis?

For each voice v_j we have notes n_ji (not rests) which are played at times s_ji and end at time e_ji. Now let us collet all intervals of time where the notes of all voices are played: I_1 = [a_1,b_1],...
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Brahms Concerto Piano 1 Rondo : Hungarian Gypsy scale?

Piano part, Measures 136-139 (in Breitkopf's) - Pollini playing A/ Can I understand the right hand part as based on an Hungarian Gypsy scale ? B/ Are there any functional ? harmonic ? logical ? ...
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