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The practice and skill of playing and imagining music inside your head.

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How is learning Fixed DO Solfege any different than learning Absolute Pitch?

In Fixed DO Solfege, you are essentially memorizing the pitch in association with the pitch's name. From what I can understand, you can hear any note without establishing a tonal center as in you can ...
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To what extent is music mentally internalized with respect to the original key it was learned in?

This question was prompted by two phenomena I've encountered as a 24yo self-taught jazz musician of 2 years who is committed to playing entirely by ear. A large fraction of people, myself included, ...
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3 answers

I have perfect pitch but have trouble identifying the note of human singing and the note I hear in my head. Any suggestion on how to practice this?

When I hear a note played on an instrument, its name (like A, Bb, etc.) immidiately pops up in my head. But when I hear human singing nothing like that happens. So I'm wondering how should I practice ...
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How do I work on retaining the DO during melodic dictation?

I've been working hard on my ear training and am now at the point where I can sight-sing (the right notes at least!) fluently in major (with no accidentals). I do this by retaining the root and ...
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2 answers

Audiation: dealing with key changes when you hear in terms of solfege

So, I'm a musician who believes very much in the value of audiation: that is, not only hearing pitches in my head, but also hearing them in terms of both the current harmony and the current tonal ...
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Audiation, Mental hearing, Composing/Reading scores without sound reference

Many composers in the past (as well as the present) were known to do that. So, are there any ways in order to achieve this? Any exercises and so on?
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Practical audiation suggestions related with a specific song

In order to enhance my very poor audiation I want to begin transcribing songs and so I've started with a supposedly easy one (and I believe it really is), counting the number of voices, the ...
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1 answer

Optimal harmonic audiation techniques

I am trying to learn to audiate harmonies in order to be able to compose without instruments. I can already audiate melodies, but harmony is a real beast. (Edit: To be clear, I can recognize chords, ...
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Most efficient way to silent read 2 or more voices (audiation)

I would like to become able to silent read music. I am interested in renaissance and early baroque organ composition, which usually means two to four voices. As now I can recognize intervals (melodic ...
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1 answer

While playing fugues, do pianists follow each voice simultaneously?

I'm learning the piano and my teacher always says to me: "just focus on the melody, sing it in your head, and voicing and phrasing will go along", which works greatly as long as the piece is a mix of ...
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3 answers

Improvisation and flow

So I'm playing jazz guitar for a year now. I know all "important" theory like scales, chords and their roles in a tune, etc. I used to practice hearing, like playing the first note and singing the ...
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How do you practice Audiation (playing music in your head)?

Time for a tricky question. Audiation appears to be the practice of playing music in your head. I found an answer referring to what audiation is in