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For questions about any pitch-correction effect applied to recorded or live music, including Antares Audio Technologies' software Auto-Tune. Such production tools often involve correction of the off-pitch sounding vocal notes with the help of some electronic sound processing tool (device or software). After such a processing, the initially wrong notes sound in a correct pitch.

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Is it unusual to stack modulation effects like chorus/phasers/doublers?

I mean have a vocal track with two different types of doublers on it stacked in series. Usually I wouldnt do this but it sounds ok to me. Is it very unusual (or amateurish) to stack modulated delay ...
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Applying Autotune to a Video [closed]

I would like to auto-tune a video, but I do not know how. Please tell me how I can achieve that effect.
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MIDI Humanization: Random detune plugin (audio or midi)?

This question seems obvious, but I have not yet found any solution: if I have for example 3 trumpets (which are actually from a same midi instrument), and I want to submit the same passage to the ...
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Why do Talkbox and Autotune effects sound similar?

Talkbox and Autotune are completely different effects. In the former sound of an instrument is modulated through a hose in the singer's mouth, in the latter the frequencies of the singer's voice are ...
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How common is to use the pitch correction (autotune) effect for vocals?

Many vocal processors I see on the market feature and advertise the pitch correction. As I understand, they use the sound input from the instrument (analog or MIDI) to decide how the note should ...
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Garageband 10 pitch correction

I am mixing some vocals (live recorded) with a backing track in GarageBand 10 - and there is a falsetto vocal that has a slight 'wobble' half way through. I know you can use the pitch correction ...
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Is it possible to identify autotuned concerts?

Like the rest of the Christians in America I was watching Disney's 2014 Night of Joy concert. It was even trending on twitter. I was pretty sure the artists were using autotune during parts of their ...
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Free resource for pitch correction on a whole track?

I have a very old recording (from about 1940) in mp3 format. The pitch of it is in a little bit bellow B♭m, and for someone who has perfect pitch it's just pain in the ears. Or if you want to jam with ...
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