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Questions tagged [avant-garde]

For questions related to modern compositions that exhibit new, unusual, or radical elements.

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Examples of pictures using notated music [closed]

My teacher was talking about a college professor she had that had a picture drawn out that was drawn using music. It was a playable piece but looked complicated. I'd like to see an example and can't ...
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Types of tools to automate "tape-like" audio manipulation [closed]

[To anyone who recognizes the following setup as shamelessly derived from musique concrète and Cage's music: apologies for the gross simplifications] Setup: I have a project in which I need to ...
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How do you read Graphic Scores?

I recently found out about the graphic notation. I was reading up on it on wikipedia, but there was very little information about how the scores are read besides you read them left to right. There is ...
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What does a neutral 7th lead to (in maqams or in general)?

A dominant 7th leads to a major 6th and a major seventh leads to the tonic, but what does the note in between the two lead to? If you could tell me what the maqam rules for that are, that'd be fine, ...
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What are the fundaments of Harmolodics?

Ornette Coleman has developed a framework for his ideas called Harmolodics. It is somewhat hard to understand what this constitutes though. It is stated that melody, harmony and rhythm are equally ...
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