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Why is the standard tuning for the balalaika so weird/counterintuitive?

I'm mainly talking about the prima balalaika, since this is the instrument whose tuning I'm familiar with. What is the justification behind having the standard tuning for the balalaika be e-e-a? Why ...
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Balalaika strummed by finger or thumb?

I bought myself a balalaika and started to play with it. As I watched my first video here: it tells that I have to use my index finger for stroking it. But that is ...
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Why piezo pickup pickups too much noise from left hand sliding up/down the fret?

Why piezo pickup picks up so much noise from, e.g., the left hand sliding up/down the neck? The sound is picked up from balalaika-prima. I am using the simplest piezo pickup which is placed on the ...
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Balalaika Fingering Standards

I have noticed that many players construct chords on the balalaika using the thumb, however the neck is quite narrow and even a small hand can manage to extend fingers across the fret board. As a new ...
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