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Vocal style of music in which other instruments are imitated by the voice, most commonly drums.

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How many sounds do we have In beatbox?

I'm curious to learn more about beatboxing. Can you please enlighten me by sharing how many distinct sounds are typically incorporated in beatboxing?
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How can I make a standard notation for all beatbox sounds?

I'm working on a beatbox site, and I can use the old school notation for beatbox, like "K" for KSnare, "B" for kick, and "Peh" for peh snare. This is my website but the ...
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Learning Piano/Keyboard VS Singing VS Beatboxing

Preface: I'm interested in learning 3 skills: Piano/Keyboard, Singing, Beatboxing. I can devote around 2-3 hours daily. I want to "self-learn" (i.e. without tutor). I want to reach moderate ...
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Are the BMG snare and the inward K snare considered to be clap sounds?

I'm new to beatbox and would like to know whether the BMG snare and the inward K snare are considered to be hand clap sounds?
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What instrument in a drum kit is played on the second and fourth beat of a song during a verse or pre-chorus?

I've tried to locate this particular sound in a drum kit, but I can't figure out what it's called. It's equivalent to hitting your drumsticks together on every second and fourth beat of a song during ...
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Structure for learning beatbox

I've recently started learning beatbox and know some sounds like the kick drum, the hi-hat, and the inward k-snare. I'm enjoying what I have learned so far but I feel stuck. I have a sheet of like 70 ...
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Freestyle Advice for Beatboxing [closed]

So I have been beatboxing for a couple of months now, got inspired by GBBB battles. I can do the basic sounds (kick drum, hi hats, (inward and outward) K snares, pf Snare, throat bass, lip ...
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How to make the bass in beatboxing

I'm trying to learn how to beatbox. I've read this article, and I managed to learn how to do snare, hi-hat and others, but I can't find out how to make a decent bass imitation. Here is what that ...
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