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A pair of small open bottomed drums of different sizes.

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Can Bongos be Safely Incorporated into a Normal Drum kit?

I recently obtained an oldish pair of bongos, in good shape, and would like them to be part of my drumkit. But - they have animal skins, rather than the plastic heads found on most drums. That means ...
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Will tuning old Bongos break the drum heads?

I have a set of old LP Aspire Bongos that I got from my father. They are probably 15 years old or so, and it's unlikely that they have ever been tuned, definitely not for last 12 years. I'd like to ...
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Is it possible to play bongos on bed?

I'm not sure if this the right place to ask this, can a patient play bongos while in bed? He cannot bend one of his knees. I understand that there is a bongo stand that can be put on the ground, but ...
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mounting bongos skin: which side

I am replacing a bongos skin and I know that the smooth side of the skin should the one to play on. Problem is that I forgot to check and now the skin is already wet and both sides are smooth. ...
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